Gluta White Glutathione C Injection

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Gluta White Glutathione C Injection

Minimum Purchase quantity 1 Box
Packaging Type Box
Benefit Skin whitening use
Medium brown 1-2 months
Dark brown skin 2-5 months
Very dark skin 5-8 months
Black Skin 8-12 months
Type of Product Finished Product
Daily Usage 500 or 1000mg daily divided Dosage

This is the most advanced glutathione formula available today. It combines high-dose glutathione and vitamin C with the oral booster and maintains high levels of glutathione and treatments between the body. Gluta White is a world of choice and a world of spas and skin. New, now includes gluta boosters for faster results. Glutathione has been shown to be safe and effective in many clinical studies - 1000 mg of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, which helps in whitening and rejuvenating natural skin and skin Effective.

Gluta white skin whitening injection SD is very effective against the signs of aging and is great for anyone with dull complexion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and sensitive skin. It helps to brighten your skin with a radiant glow and keep it soft and firm. Gluta white 1000mg is not only good for your skin, but it also helps detox your liver, blood, and other major organs, as well as boosting your immunity, hormonal balance, and a host of supportive actions. Now, fairer and whiter, acne and pimple-free color may be yours! Your beauty is in your hands, don’t wait too long, feel, and see the difference in 4 weeks! From the inside, sensitive, clear, flawless, small, and white skin! Glutathione content is the highest on the market, making the skin faster and faster. See the difference after the first injection. The results depend on individual metabolism

Benefits of Gluta white Injection:

  • Regenerates Skin Cells Are Dead
  • Whitens The Skin Thoroughly
  • Brighten And Moisturize The Skin
  • Prevent Heart Disease And Neurological Disorders
  • Enhance Glutathione As An Antioxidant
  • In The Body Whiten And Brighten The Skin
  • Produces Collagen To Enhance Skin Elasticity.
  • Reducing Pigmentation Caused By The Sun's UV Radiation
  • Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles Around Facial
  • Area Suppress The Formation Of Acne
  • Shrink Pores And Improves Skin Complexity Request Callback